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Going with the flow – It’s not as hard as it looks

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I don’t drink. Correction: I drink; I don’t get drunk.

My abstaining from booze is not because I disagree with being drunk, or having fun, or partying (safely and responsibly of course… right?). It’s because I can’t handle being out of control; I can’t handle it if I don’t have full reign over my mind and my body.

I would be a complete hypocrite if I did the finger wag ‘you shouldn’t drink’ speech because ten years ago, I had no problem letting go of control for the bottom of a vodka bottle. But ten years ago, I was 17 and drinking had less to do with self-control and more to do with rebelling, boundary pushing, and experimentation… you know teen stuff…

This control freakishness is a relatively new thing.

But booze really isn’t the point of this post, the point is to let it go. Let go of control.

This is where you say “Thanks tips, I haven’t heard that before”, to which I reply, letting go is a conscious decision and it is temporary.

Go to the store and pick up milk; let go of control and relax. The previous statements are relatively similar: Stop what your doing and go do something else for awhile.

It seems like ‘Let it go’ is the most monumental statement in the world, like some huge action that is going to take years to achieve and has to be maintained over a lifetime.

It isn’t. Just let it go. For one minute, an hour, a day, a month, it doesn’t matter. Just let it go for now. Maybe in the time between letting go and grabbing back onto it (whatever it may be) you can come up with some great solution. You never know…


The event that actually spurred this post on was a change in my Work in Progress that totally blindsided me.

I had one plan and my story had another. I couldn’t let it go. Eventually my story and I had it out.

I speak of my projects as if they are animate objects, and to me they are. Whether or not you think I’m crazy is totally not my problem.

I was completely and wholeheartedly resistant to this issue that wasn’t just hinting but screaming in my face that it had to change. I tried to control it. I tried to force the story to do what I originally intended… but my WIP wasn’t having it.

I was bullied by my own writing but since I embraced this change things have been falling into place so smoothly it makes me giddy.

So this is what writing taught me about life this week:

Open your eyes to opportunities missed because you were too busy ‘controlling’ everything around you.

Let life happen.

I know I said this week I would have a plan but I decided to say to hell with it.

It’s summer… I’m in love… I’m planning a super amazing canoe trip in the middle of the great majestic beauty that is the Canadian North… I’m still writing new words everyday (even editing a bit too)… My family is safe and healthy… my friends are the most beautiful people I know… and lastly I am feeling very self-reflective, which means I should not be writing blog posts right now…

There is lots of time to plan my life later… Winters are long and cold in the Arctic, I’m sure I can scrape up some time.

So I am going to sign off and apologize for dragging you through my internal dialogue.

Happy Living,

Allie B

I am cooking up some great reviews and guest blog posts for when I am gone on holiday… More on that next week. 

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