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The Men of Young and New Adult literature blog festival


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Starting on Monday Allie B Books will be hosting a two week festival on the Men of Young and New Adult Lit.

August 13-17 will be the REAL men of YA Fiction

Monday, August 13 – Intro Blog by yours truly about why I chose to do this festival celebrating the great men who write in a female dominated genre, and the great women who tackle the challenges of writing from a male POV.

Tuesday, August 14 – Awesome male authors such as David Estes, Dan Wells, James Dashner and many more.

Wednesday, August 15Rooster in a Hen House, guest post by David Estes. The self-published author of the Evolution trilogy and the Dwellers Saga

Thursday, August 16 – Awesome websites featuring male authors and male readers

Friday, August 17Teens and Writing, guest post by John Hansen. This writer who also happens to be a kick ass high school student, gives us his take on why we shouldn’t baby teen writers. It’s convincing and I suggest you read it.

August 20 – 24 will be the FICTIONAL men of YA

Monday, August 20Writing Boys with Nyrae Dawn, author who frequently uses a male POV.

Tuesday, August 21 – Female authors, male POV, awesome books. Featuring Nyrae Dawn, Jolene Perry, Stephanie Campbell, Liz Reinhardt, and of course the amazing J.K. Rowling.

Wednesday, August 22Top Ten Fictional Men by Laura Howard. These boys capture our hearts, Laura tells us why these boys are so alluring.

Thursday, August 23 – An excerpt from my own WIP, Summer of Bros

Friday, August 24 – Closing statements and why I love writing male POV

See you next week!
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2 thoughts on “The Men of Young and New Adult literature blog festival

  1. Such a great idea! I look forward to the festival.

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