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Excerpt from my WIP, Summer of Bros

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The summer after graduation, four friends who are more like brothers decide to take one last trip before they all head out to different colleges.

Here is an excerpt from Derek, who works on women as well as he works on cars… until he meets the ultimate player… Rosalie.


I was impressed with Jason’s strength as I watched him lift Jax over his head and toss him into the water. Lifting Jax was no easy task, I’ve tried and failed many times. Mitch watched Jason like a proud mother, a big grin on his face. I wadded toward him through the cold water and by the time I got there both Alex and Jax were on Jason and finally managed to pull him down.

I leaned an elbow on Mitch’s head and watched him watch the others.

“Pretty tough, that one” I said and Mitch nodded, “Why aren’t you in there?”

“I’d never survive,” he said.

“Fair enough. If my arms weren’t so long I don’t think I would either.”

The sound of splashing water behind me caught my attention but before I could look, someone was already standing beside me. My heart revved and it took everything I had to not put my hand on my chest. I’ve never reacted this way to a girl and I couldn’t decide if I was freaked out or pissed off by it.

“Fighting again, I see.” Rosalie looked up at me with huge sunglasses that covered half of her face. I smiled down at her and scanned her amazingly golden body, glad that I had my own sunglasses to hide behind.

Mitch looked around me at Rosalie. I had forgotten he was even there.

He stuck out his hand, “Hi, I’m Mitch.”

“Rosalie,” she returned his smile and shook his hand. Mitch glanced up at me and my mouth twitched.

Yeah, like my car, I thought.

“Is that your boyfriend, kicking everyones asses out there?” Rosalie pointed to Jason, who was pushing his way through the water towards us. He had a huge grin on his face. Alex and Jax looked defeated behind him.

Mitch blushed, “Yeah.”

“He’s like a ninja,” Rosalie said to Mitch then turned to Jason, “Nice moves.”

Jason looked from Rosalie to me his eyes asking ‘together?’

I wish. I shook my head then introduced them.

“Hey are you guys up for some more people?” Rosalie asked once we were all standing in a circle, “Turn this sausage fest into a party?”

She nudged Jason and he looked at Mitch. I was unsure if she was making a joke.

“Totally,” Jason replied pulling Rosalie in casually, his arm draping over her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled her head into his bare collar bone.

Why do girls love gay guys so much? I thought.

Then I realized Jason hadn’t once stared at her boobs.

Wait? Was I jealous?

Rosalie pulled away from Jason and waded to the shore.

“I’ll be back soon with people and booze,” She winked at us and ran toward her monster cabin.

“She’s gorgeous,” Jason said and I glared at him, “What is she? Cree? I think this is Cree land.”

I didn’t answer him because I was too busy envisioning Rosalie with her arms around Jason. I was too busy struggling with this weird feeling inside of me. It felt uncomfortable; foreign.

Yup. I was totally jealous.

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