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Fun Announcement!


I, Allie B, am now a full-time contributor to a blog that I both love and follow. FOR THE LOVE OF CONTEMPORARY will see a monthly blog post from me along with the founders Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry and the other regular contributors Kate Avelynn, Aliya, Kaylee Baldwin, Stephanie Campbell, Christa Desir, MJ Perry, and Kelley York. I was so excited to be asked to join the blog and if you check out their awesomeness you will even see my name along the sidebar [Here is where I  would insert a dancing kitten GIF if I could stomach it]. Watch the blog tomorrow for my introduction post!

Part deux of announcement is For the Love of Contemporary are hosting a super fun event in September, so if you love contemporary Young Adult lit be sure to head over to their website on Monday, September 3rd!

Don’t worry, I’ll remind you… many times.

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6 thoughts on “Fun Announcement!

  1. Congratulations, Allie! I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never even been on that blog. But, if you’ll be there– so will I!!

    • You should check out Kate Avelynn’s book Flawed. There is an excerpt on the site and I just about died when I read it… it sounds so disturbingly, hauntingly good!!! It’s not out yet but for shiz I’ll have it release day!

  2. Yay! I’m with Laura–never been on that blog but will be now! Congratulations! :)

  3. Yay! We’re stoked to have you!

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