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Fall Blog schedule and the Project of Doom WIP



Fall is coming and I am going to be one crazy busy lady. I have writing, editing, designing, blogging and reading on top of classes and courses on top of the day job on top of the truly most important things; my health and my home life.

This summer has been wild and so much fun but I really am ready to plug in those headphones and dive straight in.

About a month ago, I had a bit of a freak out and vowed to make a plan… then I went on holidays.

So I guess I should make a plan.



Monday – PROJECT UPDATES where I talk about what I’m working on and give a sneak peek at my WIP

Thursday – PORTFOLIO PEEK where I will post a piece of design from my portfolio


Monday and Thursday – TOP TIPS where I will compile Top 5’s or Top 10’s or Top whatever-I-feel-like-that-day tips on the writing, editing, publishing and designing worlds as I see them


This is the week I will talk about whatever my little heart should desire or have guest posts, or put up book reviews or ramble on incessantly for thousands of words about nothing… depends how I feel


Monday – PREMO PROMO where I will talk about an awesome book you should read, or maybe if I’m lucky the author of that book will tell you about their awesome book you should read

Thursday – COVER CRITIQUE where I will show you a great cover and we’ll discuss why it is so great.

Should there be a fifth week I will fill it with surprises.

There you have it. My plan. Part of my plan. Actually, this is a fraction of my plan but it’s a start so let’s get right into it.

What a beautiful Segway into the first post of the month, which is my plan for my WIP, or the Project of Doom for more dramatic purposes.

I have decided to challenge myself to write, edit, design, promote and publish a book by Christmas Day…

This is where you say nothing, you just laugh manically until your side bursts because you think I’m crazy, or delusional or both. I won’t change my mind.

Almost 4 full months to prepare a book from start to finish is not a lot of time at all. It’s going to be hard and there is a good chance I will fail because this will be my DEBUT book… But just to be clear, while I may be crazy or delusional I am not stupid. I know full well that come December I may not have a book good enough to publish. Should that be the case I WILL NOT PUBLISH IT.  Quality is the number one most important thing ever in existence when publishing, I am well aware of that.

This is a challenge, and like all other challenges I may not reach my mark, but I am going to put everything I have into it and I’m going to try.

What is this project of doom?… Well, I thought you’d never ask!


Working Title: TIGHT KNIT

Genre: Contemporary YA

Estimated Final Word Count: 60,000

Current Word Count: 15,000

Vague and Ambiguous Summary:

Talia relies on her Nan for everything and Lachlan is used to relying only on himself but when they are forced together to plan the biggest Christmas craft sale of the year for their grandmothers, Talia and Lachlan have to learn to rely on each other.

First Page of first draft:

Chapter one

Nan made the best Pecan cookies in the world. Yes, in the world. These weren’t just any cookies either; they were a big deal. The ladies in the knitting club had been eating the same pecan cookies, baked by my Nan, for 36 years. I couldn’t compete with that, but I tried.

While balancing the still warm plate on my hand, I pushed open the door of our local wool shop. The bell jingled softly and the familiar warmth of Tight Knit Wool and Accessories enveloped me. Rose scented soap flooded my nose mixing with the steamy sweet smell of the cookies. Most people hate the smell of old ladies, but it reminded me of Nan. Soap and baking.

I wished she was there.

The wool shop was small and cozy. I knew it better than my own home. Wooden shelves and displays lined the back wall, crammed full of every colour of yarn in existence. A raw wood counter ran the length of the store with jewelry, scarves, hats and anything else that could be made from wool placed behind glass. At the end of the counter stood a small cash register that I would be able to operate in my sleep with all the afterschool shifts I had put in.

On the other side of the store was a huge antique spinning wheel that the storeowner still used to spin her wool. The wood and metal device contrasted the stone fireplace that held no flame, because it was still August.

In the middle of the store were a circle of soft couches and chairs, worn down from years of knitting clubs. A chipped and cracked square coffee table sat in the centre, piled high with knitting magazines. About six ladies with varying shades of grey hair were sitting in their usual spots, woven baskets of multi-coloured wool lying at their feet. It looked like any other meeting, on any other Sunday.

I noticed Nan’s chair. My heart sank and my shoulders slumped forward for only a second before I was jabbed in the spine.

“You stand up straight, Talia, or you’ll end up like Georgina all snake spine-ed when you’re old,” the crackly voice of resident know-it-all, Marybeth, sounded behind me. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. It was amazing how stereotypically old The Tight Knitters could be sometimes.

“Oh, you’re a damn liar, Marybeth. You know full well it was the osteoporosis that curved my back,” Georgina looked up from her regular spot on the couch right next to the armrest; so she could lay her knitting down to count the stitches. Her eyes were a watery blue and her white hair shone in the light. Georgina was the oldest of the Tight Knit Society and I was the youngest; it was something we bonded over.

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10 thoughts on “Fall Blog schedule and the Project of Doom WIP

  1. Well, my friend- I am officially worn out after reading your plans. I think I’ll have a pecan cookie and take a nap. :D

  2. You must also help chart the route for the coming summer hike!! and decide what recipes to dehydrate and make sure the tent does not leak and the boots are waterproof. Start with a book.

    • The joys of being in a committed relationship is you share duties… and by share duties I mean PC will be doing all of that stuff! ;) I’ll be writing and monitoring the dehydrator! And the tent does leak so he is VERY excited to have a reason to get a new ultra light, super-small, cutting edge tent… I might have to reign him in.

      So excited for the coming hike! We were just discussing it over lunch!

  3. What an awesome idea! Sounds like something I need to do…. *shifty eyes* Adding to my to do list. Allie, you are definitely someone I can relate to. I’m also a blogger, reader, writer, and student. I don’t have a job, but I’m a parent so that counts, right? Thanks for keeping it real.

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