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The other half of the Project of Doom – Excerpt from Lachlan


Yesterday we met Talia from my WIP Tight Knit, and seeing as this Project is alternating POV I thought it just isn’t fair to leave out Lachlan!

First draft excerpt from Chapter 2:

I pushed through the front door of the Wool shop my Gram insisted on going to every Sunday. It smelled of old ladies and dust and I avoided it if at all possible. I scanned the store, irritated that Gram was late. Gram was never late.

Gram sat on a couch in the middle of the store next to a girl who looked like she wanted to disappear into the chair she was in. I knew the feeling.

The girl watched me with huge eyes, her dark blunt bangs hanging over her eyebrows. She had that look of fear in her eyes that told me she recognized me, but I had no idea who she was.

“Gram,” I swung my arms out then shoved them into the pockets of my jeans, “I’ve been waiting, where the hell…”

Gram stood up, letting go of the girls small hand.

“Lachlan! You watch your mouth, son.” Gram was tiny and frail but she was the only person that could scare the anger out of me and I made it over to her in three steps.

“Sorry, Gram.” I threw my arm around her shoulder and she smiled.

“I wanted you to meet someone. This is Talia Gregory.” Gram looked from me to Talia and back again. She had a smug look on her face that told me she’d been planning this all day. Her insistence that I pick her up and her no-show outside started to make sense.

Great, I was being set up by my grandmother with a girl in a knitting club who didn’t look a day over sixteen. It was like she knew nothing about me, or my taste in women. Or maybe she did and that’s why she was doing this.

“Hey,” I said cooly and Talia just looked down into her lap. The back of her hair was tucked into a black wool slouch hat.

“Nice hat. I’ve been looking for one like that. Where’d you get it?”

Talia looked up at me, her eyes were the darkest blue. I didn’t even know that colour existed.

“I made it.” Her voice was soft but high pitched. I couldn’t decide if that was how she always sounded or she was just scared of me.  Most people were just scared of me, so I figured I’d go with that.

“How much would you charge to make another one?” I had looked everywhere for a hat like but all the ones I found were trendy and lame.

Gram reached over and tugged the hat off Talia’s head and her auburn hair spilled messily over her shoulders. She looked shocked but she didn’t make a move for it. Gram shoved the hat into my hands.

“Here you can have this one.”

“Gram!” I tried to give the hat back to Talia but Gram intersected.

“It’s okay,” Talia practically whispered, “You can have it.”

I tried to protest but Gram cut me off.

“I’ll pay her for the hat, Lachlan. She’s making a hundred more for the Christmas charity drive anyways, right Talia?”

Talia looked from Gram to me and nodded her head slowly. She stood up with a jerky movement and she was barely taller than Gram.

“Uh, I should go.”

“Do you need a ride, dear?” Grams eye’s sparkled and I was angry. This poor girl was like a mouse backed into a corner.

“No,” she said sharply, her face going red, “I mean, I have my bike and I am going to see Nan anyways.”

She slung her multicoloured bag over her shoulder and pushed her old-school headphones onto her ears. I could tell she wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, and so did I.


I closed the car door for Gram and moved around to the driver side of her old beat-up Sedan. I started the car and leaned back in my seat.

“So are you going to explain yourself?” I asked facing her and raising an eyebrow. Gram stared at me blankly.

“Explain what, son?” she shrugged and I couldn’t stop a smile.

“You know damn well what, Gram.”

“Watch your mouth.”

“I’m 18, I can say whatever I want.” I clicked the seatbelt into the buckle before leaning over to help Gram.

“Not while you’re living in my house you can’t.”

“Stop changing the subject,” I smiled wider and shifted the car into drive.

“What were we talking about?” Gram always faked dimentia when she wanted to get away with something. She really was the craftiest person I’d ever met, and that’s including the ones I met in Juvie.

“You can’t just force me onto young girls you know, Gram. This isn’t the 1400’s. That girl looked terrified, and you practically stole her hat.” I rubbed my thumb over the wool, it was soft and still warm.

“Her name is Talia, son. I’ll pay her for the hat, now I’d like to stop by the store to pick up some things for dinner.”

I laughed and tossed the hat over my shoulder into the back seat. No one can compete with the stubbornness of old ladies. Especially Gram.

I know today is supposed to be design day but I have a super awesome secret post for you tomorrow so I’m saving it! I’m not telling what it is… you’ll have to come back and see me tomorrow! 

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5 thoughts on “The other half of the Project of Doom – Excerpt from Lachlan

  1. Love it! I really do enjoy your writing style ;o) Keep up the great work!

  2. I really like your writing! I want to keep reading. :)

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