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Giving up control to Jolene Perry on her birthday, cuz she’s awesome!



Hey there Allie’s people *waves* This is her friend, Jolene, who has begged for her blog. But just for today. Promise. ;-)

Allie is the ONLY writerly friend I have that lives CLOSE!

And close, by our standards, is a 14-hour drive, and a need for a passport…

That being said – when either she or I complain about being cold, you know it’s for real because Alaska and Northern Canada don’t fool around when it gets cold. It’s for real ;-)

What’s funny, is that even though I haven’t known Allie for all that long, I can’t for the life of me remember how we “met.”

Twitter?? I think?? In a conversation about colored hair?? And then between Nyrae and I we’ve pulled her further and further into the land of contemporary (where she was already headed) and begged for her mad skillz to help us on our group Contemp site.

Allie’s awesome, enthusiastic, and I’m way excited that we’ll be working together so I’ll get to know her better :-D

AND because it’s my birthday, and because I’m slowly taking over the internet for fun – I’m giving away an ebook copy of any one of my books here on Allie’s blog :-D

I need your email, and and a comment… and winners will be picked on MONDAY the 17th :-D (by random org, or my daughter who is 9, meticulous, and will come up with something fair)

SO! Thanks Allie for the spot on your blog! And I’m off!! *Bikes away on her mountain bike b/c it’s Allie’s blog, and she needs to be tougher than her girlie bike*

If you wanna know where ELSE I’m giving away free books, come to my blog…

~ Jolene

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10 thoughts on “Giving up control to Jolene Perry on her birthday, cuz she’s awesome!

  1. I’ll have to remember never to complain to Jo about the weather here. We like to say that the weather keeps the riff raff out of ND, but now with the oil boom, that’s not quite true. Fortunately, that’s on the other side of the state from us.

    Didn’t expect to talk about the ND oil boom when I started visiting Jo’s blog tour postings. I’ll get back on track.

    Happy Birthday, Jo!

  2. Hey ladies! Happy Birthday Jolene… It was through Allie that I heard about My Heart For Yours, and I’m so glad, too! Have a great day…

  3. Hey, Allie! Nice to meet another friend of Jo’s.

    You two must be made of some serious toughness. My son spent two years north of Edmonton and just seeing some of his pics was enough to make me shiver and want to wrap myself up in the warmest blanket in the house.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jolene.
    I just downloaded your book- 10 Weeks.
    It will be my first book of yours that I’ve read. :)

  5. Hi, Allie *waves* Nice to meet you!

    Happy birthday Jo! Hope it was awesome xo

    kassiah at fictionators dot com

  6. Happy B’Day Jolene! I pick Insight or 10 Weeks. Email:

    Kindle Email:

  7. I hope I can win 10 Weeks! My email is

  8. I believe you have taken over the Internet!!!! Not many ppl can say that…its a rare accomplishment!! :)

  9. CONGRATS AMIE!!!!! Jolene will be in touch shortly…

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