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The joys of writing!


I spend a fair chunk of time on my blog being negative and sarcastic… Not that it is untrue, I am pretty negative and sarcastic, not to mention cynical and bitter… ;) but only because I’m a hopeless romantic. Despite my piss-poor attitude being a defence mechanism, I figure it might be time for rainbows and unicorns for a change!

Upon reading some of my other posts on writing, I found that most of them focus on the hardships and hurdles I have faced, so today I’m putting my ‘Happy Pants’ on and I’m going to talk about some of the best and most rewarding things that have happened since I began writing seriously.

• I have met THE coolest people through social media and even in my own community who write. The writers I know are so supportive and encouraging (Laura, Jolene and Nyrae, I’m looking at you). I have emailed them with questions, concerns and novice insecurity and they are always there to give a kind word or piece of advice. Jolene even critiqued my latest novel synopsis on her ANNIVERSARY. I admire and appreciate every writer I meet and every encouraging word I receive!

• I get to daydream all the time. I’ve always had my ‘head in the clouds’, or so my family says, and being a writer allows me to create so many worlds, stories and characters in my head without coming off as a wacko! Coming up with the stories and getting to know my characters is by far my favourite part! I just have to remember to come back to the real world eventually. :)

• Even though the publishing world is up in the air and so tremendously confusing to a Newbie like myself, I love that I have choices as a writer. I love that I have a certain level of control over my own career and can say I want to be a Self-Published author with confidence. Yes, it is still fairly cut down the middle as to how people feel about publishing and the prestige of it all but refer to first comment about awesome support group and amazing writers, who are both self and traditionally published. I know now I can have the best of both worlds and that is a great feeling!

• The second story I ever submitted to anywhere got accepted and I have NEVER received a form rejection, albeit I haven’t sent out a lot but that is still pretty awesome, in my opinion! I know that I have a lot to learn and a long way to go to being the writer I want to be but the fact that my stories are being read and editors are taking time out of their busy day to tell me that they “loved my concept but just couldn’t connect with the MC” and “the best of luck finding the right home for your manuscript”… I will take that as a success!

Being a writer isn’t about holing yourself in a closet and going overboard on the red wine (although it helps sometimes), writing is just as much about mentorship, community, support and friendship as it is about craft, publication and recognition.

I just hope someday I can return the kindness shown to me by supporting and helping out another Newbie to the world of writing!

There was my rainbows and glitter for today! :D

What is your favourite part of being a writer?

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14 thoughts on “The joys of writing!

  1. I love Rainbows and Glitter…. I’m feeling a little stressed lately about having to basically rewrite my entire manuscript, so it’s easy to forget to sprinkle the glitter around… but what you’ve said is true. If it weren’t for friends like you, I might have given up on myself ages ago!

  2. I too have a support and without him I would not have written a line on a cheque! But it is hard on the relationship – especially when it is my ego being stomped on. Especially necessary is the editing help. Writing is not possible without it no matter how much I am reminded that Jane Austin did it on her own.

  3. I think you summed that up quite well. I wish I’d discovered the writing community long before I queried my first novel. Things may (or may not) have turned out differently. This 2nd time around though, I’ve learned so much. Gotten to know so many great writers who have helped me tons. And hopefully it’ll turn out differently this time.

  4. You are helping a Newbie into the world of writing: Me! :)

  5. I am a rainbows girl. So glad we met!!!

  6. I would like to see what these “happy pants” look like ;)
    Fab post. There is SO much to love about the writing world.

  7. *Newbie right here!*

    I’m really not sure what constitutes being a newbie anymore. I’m certainly not new to writing and have come to a point where I no longer need someone to “fix” my MS. But, I still feel like there’s something I’m missing. The best part I like is being able to be home with my boys, even if I am not-all-there.

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