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Power failures and the important things in life

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Yesterday a big tree fell on some lines somewhere and because I live in the middle of NOWHERE it cut power to my entire territory! Okay that’s a lie, I live in a city BUT my city is the the middle of nowhere somewhere up around the 60th lattitude line, you know, where it always snows and we use dog sleds to get to work…

Anyways, this power outage resulted in a total communication failure. No phones, no internet *gasp*! So understandably I could not post my regularly scheduled rant on Design for Writers.

I’ve been so ridiculously, frantically, and completely busy this last little while that the outage was welcomed. I wrote 5K on my WIP. Woo hoo!

But it got me thinking and instead of rambling on longer I ditched the design post this week and wanted to share with you one of the important things in life.

Just hangin’ out and snuggling with my baby girl!

See you next week!

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One thought on “Power failures and the important things in life

  1. Allie – take care of yourself first. If you are not in good shape you are of little value to others. This is an old lady speaking!

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