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INSIGHT by Jolene Perry



Micah hates her ability to “see” things when she touches people. She’s terrified of relationships, holds on to guilt over the death of her classmate, Lacey, and has no idea what to do with a vision from Landon, a boy from her school. She feels him falling for her, but Micah doesn’t do friends, much less relationships.

Enter a spooky history project about a tragedy from three hundred years ago, and voodoo dolls that Micah somehow feels has to do with her gift. Suddenly she’s sure the shadows in the woods are following her every move—without Landon’s relaxed attitude about what’s happening in her life, Micah would be sure she’s going crazy.

With no ideas on timing or specifics, the visions of both herself and the people she cares about are turning dark—and it appears the shadows around her house do move on their own. But as Micah and Landon try to prevent Micah’s visions of the future, the shadows close in, and they’re now afraid they’ve become the cause…Micah’s story is the first of three girls, with unique talents, who are part of a 300 year old tragedy that follows them in the shadows.


So it is BOOK PROMO TIME and one thing I love about this writing/reading thing is I get to meet a lot of the authors I enjoy, and then email them and say, “Hey lady, I wanna promo your book next week can you write something up for me?” Then I get a reply within, I dunno, 15 mins saying “I’m on it!”…

I think Jolene is great and this book has such an interesting blend of paranormal and contemporary(which is Jolene’s thing) style but I also think you should hear (read) what author Jolene Perry has to say about it…

Take it away!


When I wrote Insight, I wasn’t looking to write a paranormal, OR a young adult book.

I was actually brainstorming with Nyrae Dawn because she had this awesome idea, and I was helping her brainstorm about her MC. I came up with this idea of a girl who didn’t like to touch people because she got visions when she did. And she couldn’t control them. It made high school rough, and friends almost impossible, turning her into a recluse.
Nyrae laughed and was like – I don’t want to do a paranormal right now.
I shrugged it off and tried not to think about this girl.
But she wouldn’t go away.
The first scene I wrote in Insight is when Micah (my MC) finally tells someone what she can do, and it’s Landon, the guy.
For a girl that really doesn’t know how to have friends, I had to lead up to that point, and that’s when I started writing this story for real.
I think that from every book I learn something, and this is the first book that I wrote an outline of AFTER I’d written the story. It helped me separate what needed to go where. What information needed to come out when. And what else I needed to do to help move the story forward.
I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this book for two years, and it took me that long to get it to a place that my contemporary writing self loved, but that was still true to the paranormal part of this story.

ALLIE YOU ARE AWESOME FOR LETTING ME BE ON AGAIN!!!!! (She was on a mission to take over the internet for her birthday not too long ago! Secondly, I asked her to be on again :D !)


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