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Cover Love – Fall Guy by Liz Reinhardt



Evan Lennox is going nowhere fast. She’s living with her grandparents after her parents bailed on her, she got kicked out of her posh private school, her ex-boyfriend proved to be the biggest sleaze imaginable, her former best friend is a back-stabber, and her current best friend is stuck in backwoods NJ. To top it all off, one teeny, tiny fire she lit to burn some memories of her ex goes a little out of control and winds up igniting a good piece of a very powerful family’s pecan orchard.

Evan lands her pampered behind in court and gets sentenced to community service. Which she knows she deserves. But the hard labor and humiliation may be her undoing.

Until she meets Winchester Youngblood on the site. 

Everything about him is tricky, confusing, not at all what it seems, and so sexy, Evan can’t resist pulling closer. But every step she takes to get to know him gives her more of a reason to back up and put him as far out of life as she possibly can. Because Winch is one hundred percent complicated, and Evan isn’t looking for that. At all. She needs to meet a nice, responsible guy, not share searing kisses with the charming hustler she met after they both got sentenced in court.

But Winch is so much more than what he seems, and Evan finds out that she’s falling hard for the guy everyone underestimates and writes off. And Winch realizes that Evan is the one person who’s ever challenged him to ask for more out of his life, and her courage inspires him to try to be the person she sees when she looks at him. With every single odd stacked against them, Evan and Winch need to find out whether they have what it takes to fall for each other.


Reasons why this cover is awesome… just LOOK at it! This image tells me about their personalities, their lifestyles AND their relationship. It’s perfect. The only crit from me would be the blurb is too long, Liz doesn’t really need that much info, or maybe she does but the cover already sold me so I never actually finished reading the blurb… 

Like I said in my dreaded book cover = Advertisement post, this cover is doing exactly what it should. This cover draws me in because I ALREADY LOVE THESE KINDS OF STORIES. This cover is selling me a feeling, a lifestyle and THE WORDS INSIDE! 

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3 thoughts on “Cover Love – Fall Guy by Liz Reinhardt

  1. Thank you so much for featuring *Fall Guy* on your blog, Allie! I found this image via a stock photo site while I was writing. I stopped me dead in my tracks. All I could think was, “That’s them! That’s Winch and Evan!” I made a super ugly, rough version of what I wanted and sent it to Stephanie Mooney, a great designer. She tweaked the image and did all kinds of gorgeous filtering and added the perfect font. I was definitely in love. I’m so glad you were attracted to the cover. That, of course, is the reaction I hope most people have when they see it. And then, naturally, I hope they love the book as much as the cover :)!

    • Well, it looks great Liz! I love the typography as well. Thin fonts like that are tricky because of readability but your designer knows what she is doing! :D

      And I’m sure your readers will love the book MORE than the cover!

  2. It is a sweet cover! I agree…cover art is important! ;o)

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