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Under the Dusty Sky, the first in the Holloway Farm series, has been a strange and fascinating project right from the beginning. My lovely Graceland Holloway captured my attention the moment she stormed through my thoughts and hasn’t left me since.

She’s a powerhouse of a character and I am certain that people will either love her or hate her. I want to tell you why I love her.

• She is intense.

• She is motivated.

• She is overly confident, bordering on arrogance (some will think she’s just plain arrogant).

• She goes after what she wants with reckless abandon, getting her into all sorts of trouble.

• She feels things deeper than she’ll ever let on.

• She is obsessed with how people see her and relates it to how she sees herself.

• She is contagious.

• She has no clue what love looks like.


I’ll tell you why I don’t always love her.


Girl and way

“Gracie, wait.”

I run up to her and grab her elbow just as she steps up the first porch step. She glares down at me but her eyes are glassy.

“Gracie, listen. I’m sorry if I upset you. I didn’t mean to. I just want you to know that.”

“It’s fine, Ben, really.” Her voice is cold but trembling. “I get it. I mean how could you ever be interested in someone like me. I’m just an immature child playing games I don’t understand. Just Holloway’s daughter.”

She pulls her arm from my grip and disappears into the house.

I feel extremely lost. I thought this was about sex. Somehow it feels like a whole lot more.


I sympathize with Bentley here because many a time during this book Gracie also left me feeling slightly lost. I had a definite plan for this book. I knew exactly how I wanted it to go but I should have known better. Gracie eventually took control, and TWICE I had to throw my notes out the window and just let her tell me how it was going to be. At one point I was actually angry with her and had to stop writing and come to terms with where she was heading. This is a crazy awesome feeling as a writer.

This is what made this project a lot of fun to work on. The unexpected nature of the book didn’t stop when I was done writing it. I also had a very definite idea about publishing it… But then on a whim I submitted it to a couple agents I have my eye on, to which I got one full request and two of the most encouraging rejections ever. ;)

It is because of this wait on agents that I had to push back the publish date.


Because of the crazy and unexpected adventure that was this book, I’ve decided that I am going to have a surprise release.

Yes. A surprise release.

Meaning you won’t know when it’s going to go live. Soon. But I’m not telling when exactly…

I’m such a jerk, right? >:|

To make up for it and drum up a bit of excitement for Graceland and Bentley, I’m going to keep you occupied for the next little while. From now until when I post the ‘YAY it’s up’ announcement there will be lots of fun teasers, character introductions and giveaways. I love to giveaway books so make sure to check back often.

Check back tomorrow for a Teaser Tuesday and ARC giveaway!


Tight Knit is now available for Kindle…

Amazon really had it together today because they SAID it would take 24 hours to go up but took about 24 minutes… And now I have to scramble to get the rest formatted! Kobo is uploaded already but won’t go live until after January 2. Smashwords and paperback on the way…

So you can buy TIGHT KNIT for your Kindle today! 



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